Airport Authority Accepts Bid on River Property

DSCN1420Pictured- Authority members Steve Greer and Jack Burnham

The Heart of Georgia Regional Airport Authority met this morning in a special called meeting to handle a proposed river land sale.

The river land has been the subject of recent debate and legal actions between the Airport Authority and the Dodge County Commissioners. The said tract of land apparently borders property at the river where the new boat landing is being built. When the Airport Authority announced and advertised to sell the property some time ago, the Dodge County Commissioners objected to the sale and had their attorney obtain a court injunction, issued by Judge Sara Wall, preventing the Authority from selling the property.

After a recent court hearing, Judge Wall rescinded the injunction, giving the Airport Authority the go ahead to handle this sale in particular. On April 30, the County Commissioners met in an emergency meeting and voted to request that the Authority table its plans to sell the property because the County was interested in purchasing it. Later in the day, the Authority met and reaffirmed its desire to proceed with the sale and to give the Dodge County Commissioners a right of first refusal to purchase the property at whatever the high bid turns out to be, plus a $13,000 fee for legal expenses incurred in the fighting of the injunction.

Today’s meeting was held solely to open the bids on the river land for sale. The Authority received only one bid on the property and it was from Frank Walthall of Macon, Ga., in the amount of $126,885.30 for the 45.3 acres of land. That equates to $2801.00 per acre.


The Authority reaffirmed its desire to give the CountyCommissioners the right of last refusal on the property and is now awaiting a decision from the County on the matter. The regular scheduled meeting of the Dodge County Commissioners is tonight at 6:00pm at the Dodge County Courthouse Annex.

By Jimmy Joines

Pictured above-Frank Walthall

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